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america quite as warming as the annual presidential turkey pardon. as a matter of fact there are two turkeys that the president pardoned today. the first, the backup, and
4:25 pm
insert your joke in the pardoning here. but we're doing our own tyt pardon. i'm joined by brett erlich jayar jackson michael and tricia rose here for our turkey from the turkey farm. the first turkey is newt gringrich. this is what he had to say this year making him the turkey. >> you're going to be the nominee. >> i'm going to be the nominee. i'm going to be the nominee. >> michael: it speaks for himself. you don't even have to put him on a turkey head. we move to sarah palin. look at the background in this clip. >> i don't think it has changed me at all. i have the same values and convictions, i'm just a greater probation for what other candidates go through. it's pretty brutal. >> michael: that's alaska's former governor in front of a turkey slaughter. >> with sarah palin i think
4:26 pm
that she you know, she did that whole thing where there was no difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull except for lipstick. i think she has spared herself from slaughter through irrelevance. if she's back she's a well train trained pit bull where you just have to go--and she'll stop. >> michael: jayar, she's the turkey that time forget. >> the same thing when president bush was out of office, and you say, he's gone. now i miss the guy because he provided way too much fun when you see these situations. i don't know if we're revealing yet-- >> michael: no, we're going to vote once we have met all the turkeys. >> the candidates. >> michael: each one o, this guy is a turkey, oh my god i forgot about this one. this is the dick morris turkey. >> it's going to be--well, you can call it a landslide or not
4:27 pm
but 325-223 is pretty landslide landsliding in my view. >> michael: i predict that dick morris will predict that he'll get a pardon. >> yes, probably. i like the fact that he has landslideing like its action in present tense. he's absurd. >> he has made himself irrelevant, dick morris, if he has not already been pretty irrelevant. we go now, like i said before, there is this guy. donald trump. our turkey trump. >> i have a deal for the president. a deal that i don't believe he can refuse. $5 million. the check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated. >> michael: brett, what was he going to do for that hour? >> i have no idea. i just love how they pull back.
4:28 pm
the entire nation was like that empty office he was in because no one responded, no one was listening. people--you know, with him he's the kind of guy that he's a turkey like sheep you want to sheer a lot of times. >> you know, you would get quite a sweater if you did shear him. that's pretty good. we go to chris christie, one of the more generous turkeys, a big table at the chris christie turkey. >> i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern compassion for our state and people of our state. i appreciate his friendship and leadership. >> i wouldn't call what i did was embrace barack obama. i know that's become the wording of it, but i was the first governor in america to endorse mitt romney. i traveled tens of thousands of
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miles for him. >> michael: michael, i know when it comes to vote who we're going to pardon and leave alone for the rest of 2012, your sentiments lie with chris christie. >> i'm not going to tip my hand but i'm going to defend the gov. i'll call him the gov. get the hell off my beach. i like his spoil. i want to not only pardon him but eat thanksgiving dinner with him. >> he's the most like the turkey turkeys that we pardon. there is no sin really committed. they were just born that way. he's most in that camp. >> michael: tricia, what do you think? >> i don't like governor christie but i'm not--but i think i might have to go with notebook on it. i'm not eating at his table. >> michael: we're not pardoning yet because we have one more turkey for you. mitt romney. he ran for president earlier this year. here is mitt romney. >> all right there are 47% who
4:30 pm
are with him who are dependent on government, who believe that they are victims. >> it's a message which i'm going to carry and continue to carry which is look the president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes. >> michael: jayar? >> this has been done. he continues to talk about all the things that he did to hurt himself, and then watched everybody implode around him and see where he is. we didn't like him before the election, and and now things change and we get to see everything about him afterward. >> michael: and he does seem like a turkey, doesn't he, brett. >> the things about these turkeys, they die within a year because they were bred for thanksgiving. i'm not going to say that mitt romney is going to die but mitt romney was bred for running for president. after wards what emergency is there but to give him a little slack and let him live out his
4:31 pm
life at mt. vernon. >> and sending these turkeys to mt. vernon, so i don't know if we want to give him that. >> i don't eat meat. i'll vote for the turkeys. we're insulting these turkeys. they're terrific. they have families. they have nice friends they don't hurt anybody. they don't go around slashing other people's resources. i think the turkeys are the best in this whole group. >> michael: the actual birds. but two of them are being pardoned by the president. >> i want to pardon all the turkeys. >> i like how they named the turkeys hobbler and cobbler and then you're naming one food after another that's strange and very difficult to go with that. >> michael: it's time for "the young turks" audience has been waiting for the entire year, they're going to wait another 3 365 days for the next pardon.
4:32 pm
i'll give the first pardon vote to jayar jackson. >> i'm going to go to sarah palin. >> michael: sarah palin with one vote. one more vote than she has ever gotten in this room. brett erlich. >> i was thinking about chris christie. that's where i started. you know, he came around with the hurricane, but coming around to this whole mitt romney--i saw him at disneyland. he's so sad. his hair is poofy now. he's not the man that we once at a level we could make fun of him at. i'm going to go with mitt romney romney. >> i had the exact opposite journey where i started feeling sympathetic to mitt romney after being totally humiliated on the national stage. but then he came out and started talking about gifts and how horrible it is to give free turkeys away even to people who can't afford them. i'm going to stick with the goff. he had a tough couple of breaks
4:33 pm
after this storm. >> mitt romney had a pardon waiting from this panel and then he blew it with the gifts. tricia rose. >> i'm going to go with christie. i'm a new yorker. he defended the region. he did it in his own slightly distorted way suggest the possibility of working across the aisle, a little bit. own when it was had "n" his interest but you take what you can get. >> you're committing to a year of not making fun of chris christie. >> did they change the rules. >> michael: just the rest of the year. >> just a month or so. >> michael: you have one vote for mitt romney. right now its palin with one. mitt with one i could tie it up or give it to christie. i'm going through newt gringrich. he thought he was going to get the pardon very early. dick morris predict predicted that mitt romney would get the pardon. he didn't get the pardon.
4:34 pm
donald trump is an idiot and chris christie gets my pardon. from "the young turks" we say to you, governor christie, for the rest of 2012 we will not utter an ill will about you and we'll look forward to 2013. thank you for being with us here, governor christie, you are the pardoned turkey of the "the young turks." coming up next we have stephen colbert. he made the super pacs funny. then we'll hear how cenk might get the last laugh. >> will a lot of people go to jail. >> have you named anybody who could go to jail for breaking the law with the pacs? >> not a person. >> that's my kind of law.
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4:38 pm
the seat that he won a few weeks ago. the rumors are that his brother or sister may be named in a deal to take that seat. those are just rumors. we'll follow the story and we'll let you know more about it with further political reporting next week. we do want to turn to another side of politics. we showed you one part of a series that cenk uygur shot about campaign finance reform. cenk went to a conference this past weekend called "money out voters in" where he looked at different ideas about campaign finance reform. a real pet issues of his. here are some of the greatest minds in campaign finance reform showing solutions about what can be done about the problem. >> tonight we're going to start a fight to take back our democracy our politicians are bought. who bought them? who bought them?
4:39 pm
the corporations did. >> i got tired of watching that corruption and not doing anything about it. i thought the most important thing you can do for our democracy, for our government, is to clean up this corruption. if we don't the american people, whether they're conservative or liberal on any particular issue they're going to lose on the essence on the principles of the actual ideas that they have. the only thing that matters is money. we have to fix that first so we can go back to having honest debates about which direction we should take this country so we can go back to actually having a democracy. >> we've got at least three-quarters of the country on our side on this issue. three-quarters of the country in the long run is not going to lose. we are going to win. the only question is when and how? that's 75% of the country is dying for a vehicle to clean up
4:40 pm
this corruption. >> how in the world do we get beyond this enormous problem. >> we're not going to change incentive. we're not going to produce a world where congressmen are not depend on their funders. but what we can do is create a world where the funders are all of us. that means to try to adopt systems for funding election where is the money comes from the bottom up, and all people, all citizens are participating in that system of funding. so when you feel the pressure of money, you're feeling the same pressure you feel when you're feeling the pressure of votes in the election. i'm also a believer about the need to think about how we might need to update the constitution to deal with this explosion of independent expenditure. we need a movement that can walk, chew gospel and tweet. >> we've been given another gift. not by stephen colbert but his lawyer. >> will a lot of people go to jail for breaking the law with their pacs? >> no.
4:41 pm
>> can you name anyone who has broken the law with their pacs? >> not a person. >> that's my kind of law. >> that's the american anti-corruption act. >> i under you have a new solution for campaign reform. >> if you're running for congress, and if you're a member of congress, and you're running for re-election the place you're going to get your money is largely from the very people who want something from you and in your offices saying can you do this favor for us, or can you change that piece of legislation, or can you protect this tax loophole? >> we talk about the need for a constitutional amendment, which would change the entire landscape. we have to recognize that that is a long process. the point of the american anti-corruption act was to show that it is possible to change the process in really significant ways that would revolutionize washington. >> what we're proposing is that
4:42 pm
us tax payers get $100 of our money back, of our tax money that has gone to the government. that we be allowed to use that by designated it to any candidate or any political party or committee. that raise as great deal of money that does not come from lobbyists, that doesn't come from the one-third of the one percent but comes from the rest of the country. we believe that that is something that americans will be excited about because it gives them skin in the game. >> we've heard a lot of solutions today. obviously the best one is mine. what we need is a constitutional amendment to clean up our politics. we got to get money out of those politics because it is buying our politicians. of course there are different ways to get at that amendment. i think the convention is the best way. but i want everybody fighting with all their different ways and different ideas to make sure that we end the corruption. >> michael: i think trevor potter's voucher idea sounds cool. if you like cenk's idea, go to
4:43 pm when we come back i have a special report about how they're still trying to steal our vote. >> there are individuals who would take advantage not only of you and me but the system as well. >> but isn't what is in alabama already close to perfect? and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later.
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>> michael: you know the voter
4:47 pm
i.d. issue was such an issue during the campaign of 2012 but a lot of people think barack obama won so many people are were waiting so many minorities voted, it's probably not an issue. wrong. they're going to keep fighting, as i learned when i did this story on the voter fraud and i.d. many people waited for hours to vote and it's about to end here in the nation's highest court. the u.s. supreme court will hear another case shelby county v holder which could impact voters in nine states. last year 34 states enacted some type of voter i.d. reform with the exception of rhode island each of these states had a republican legislator. >> people who lost their lives here have not lost it in vain because they won victory in in
4:48 pm
movement of the civil arts but their sacrifices have been lessened in. 12,347 john lewis now a 14-term congressman from congress. >> this is a deliberate systemic attempt on certain seasons in our country to take us back to another period 12,347 lewis was a freedom rider. >> i happen to believe that the vote is so precious, almost sacred, and it should be very simple to vote. >> this is a poll tax. we eliminated the poll tax years ago. >> michael: on the surface it seems that the proponents of the law has a convincing argument, and it's working as they sell this as an antidote to the national plague of voter fraud rather than a means of voter suppression.
4:49 pm
the same suppression that people like these fought against less than 50 years ago. and besides who doesn't have a government issued i.d. right? wrong again. pennsylvania where state one in seven pennsylvanians didn't have a government i.d. and predominantly minority philadelphia, one in three. in alabama, it's the same story. gerald allen sponsored the i.d. law there. he said that's the price of progress. >> i wish that we all lived in a perfect world, but we don't. there are individuals that would take advantage not only of you and me but the system as well. >> michael: but senator, isn't what is in alabama already close to perfect? >> we live in a different time. we feel to secure the future for our children and grandchildren and future generations of this
4:50 pm
state, that this is the right direction for us to go in. >> it's part of a political game. you know, this cure that people have come up with is a thousand times worse than any disease that is designed to fix. >> civil rights veterans who help to create the very act that the supreme court has agreed to review know the fight has barely begun and they're sending out a call for action. >> these laws only serve one purpose to make it difficult for people to vote. >> it creates a movement similar to the 60s people must protest, organize and mobilize those who need to be mobilized. it's the only way that we're going to stop it. we must stop it. >> you know, tricia, when i hear john lewis say you have got to
4:51 pm
mobilize and you got to stop this, it means that it's not over. just because the president won it's not over. >> it's not over at all. i'm really glad you did this segment. it's really important to connect this suppression efforts. not just voteer i.d. but the suppression efforts. the limiting. early voting, the challenging of different threats and felony convictions. this strategy is extremely partisan and relies specifically on the idea of black people as criminals. in all of the place that this is having the biggest affect is implying, not unlike the civil right movement, that these people are some how illegitimateillegitimate. it's a long term battle that we have to focus on. >> michael: listen to what tricia is saying, michael the whole idea of vote ever frauder fraud
4:52 pm
is a made up problem. there were more violations in pennsylvania of endangered bird statute than the case of voter fraud. and in florida there were more shark attacks in the first 2010 than the case of voter fraud. how has this taken traction? these courts has not done away with it. they said we have to wait and see and then implement. >> we were discussing this before the show, right? if you look at the presidential election, and the voter turnout numbers that the obama campaign was able to get out higher turnouts despite the laws that are in the process of being passed. you get into a situation where grassroots organizations are going to spend that much more money and that much more preparation and get into the game that much earlier with lawyers and what not to try to get around these things. or to not get around them, but to ensure whatever new laws are passed their voters can apply
4:53 pm
it. >> michael: tricia, the civil rights movement, it's different than being able to sit down at the bus or the launch counter. is there motivation? >> it's no question, it's a different time. we're in a different era and strategies are different. when you said alabama is close to perfect as it is, i have to tell you the line was a day. >> michael: maybe i get the elbow. when we come back we're going to give you the elbow of the day. when alea was born i definitely was not prepared. i just asked myself, "am i doing all that i can, am i doing the best that i can for her?" my whole family was so thrilled and so excited. it was just the start of a wonderful journey. i feel lucky every single day that i have my parents, i have
4:54 pm
my grandparents and that alea has grandparents and great-grandparents. sometimes they'll joke around and they'll say, " how's our baby, how's our baby?" and she's almost like this collective family baby. the fact that all of these generations can live together happily and get to know each other and learn from each other is really incredible. my mom was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when she was 15. when she was first diagnosed they didn't even have any blood sugar monitor. people really didn't know what the future would hold for her but now, today, there are so many resources available to her. she has all these technological devices to help her stay healthy. >> it's sunny out. >> it is sunny out. since alea was born, i almost feel more responsible for making the world a better place. we all have the ability to make it better for ourselves and for our children.
4:55 pm
>> brought to you by roche, the maker of the new accu-chek nano blood glucose meter.
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>> michael: you might be surprised to know that they're still counting votes in america. as they've gotten through maryland, mitt romney's total was 47.6%. they're still counting california and new york it looks like he'll go below 47.5%. it means he will have gotten 47% of the vote for history. let's look at mitt romney talking about that number. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president to matter what. there are 47% who are with him who are dependent on government, who believe they're victims and who believe the government is responsible to take care of them. who believe they're entitled, you name it they're entitled and the government should give it to them and they'll vote for this president no matter what.
4:57 pm
>> michael: ironies of ironies. guess who was pumping gas as part of the 47%. our friend willard, and he is in the rink as 47% comes down on poor willard mitt romney. unbelievable how things turn around like that. >> yes. >> michael: i just want to thank all of you, michael hastings, tricia rose, who has come across the country, jayar jackson, it's always a pleasure to be here. >> great working with you. >> michael: i wish you a happy thanksgiving. and most specifically men and women serving abroad, serving our country, also everybody who is affected by the horrors of sandy in new york and new jersey on the east coast, people putting their lives back together, everyone who might be striking at walmart, we sit down to our thanksgiving dinner we'll be that ing of you. from all the people i'm lucky enough to work with from current every day we wish a peaceful and happy and healthy thanksgiving.
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